Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Filling A Gap

In response to a report from BBC South Today and the personal experience of local bloggers, Reading List recommends this reporting service as one which we can personally vouch for.

Fill That Hole and the linked Clear that Trail are excellent public resources operated by the Cyclist's Touring Club.

At this time of year potholes can become a big problems according to Malcolm Simms of the Asphalt Industry Alliance, who said:
"If you’ve got an existing defect, cracks in the surface, water will get in, penetrate, as it freezes it expands and blows the existing materials apart."
With every pothole costing around £70 to mend, Council maintenance budgets are being stretched even further at a time when cutbacks are being made in many areas of council budgets, so please don't abuse the service.


According to CTC's league table of local authorities ability to clear up reported damage to road surfaces, Reading is ranked at #25 out of 206, but there are many more unreported potholes lurking out there!


Update: Kategrove LibDems have responded.

Apparently Reading Borough Council has completed 8219 road repairs since last April, but with cutbacks and poor coordination between the authority and utility providers problems are likely to continue.

If you see a pothole they encourage you to report it to councillors or call the local council directly (RBC telephone: 0800 626 540).

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