Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's Tree-time!

For the first time in its history Reading Borough Council has pledged to provide an annual budget to pay for the relacement of dead and dying trees in residential roads in the borough.

Councillors are set to approve up to £200,000 over the initial two-year period after council officers responded to new guidance on the protection and management of trees in conservation areas and along green corridors.

Reading borough council has also encouraged residents to participate in its' consultation (click here) to provide information on areas where trees have been felled or are in need of replacement.

Labour's Cllr Tony Page commented on his 'delight' at changing policy,
"The funding is intended to be a starting point for identifying further resources and attracting external funding for a wider programme of tree replacement."
LibDems have celebrated their success in pushing for this measure after a two-year campaign against the Labour-run council. Cllr Daisy Benson wittily offers congratulations to those involved for forcing Labour to 'stump up' the cash.

Oranjepan says:
Homeowners will welcome the move to ensure trees are a more common sight - especially following the housing market crash, given that experts estimate they make an area more desirable and can add 10-15% to house prices compared to bare streets. As will environmental campaigners who encourage more greenery to combat street-level pollution and noise from traffic.

However it is unfortunate that RBC's consultation period is set to close today rather than have a standing contact as this only discourages public engagement and may mean a number of areas in need of help are overlooked.


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