Friday, 26 March 2010

Maidenhead Tories In Plot Turmoil

Ruling Conservatives in the Royal Borough are reeling as a series of disclosures have highlighted the internal conflicts in their party.

Council-funded political advisor Andre Walker resigned after he was recorded discussing deputy leader Cllr Alison Knight in a mobile phone call on a train.

You can listen to the full recording here.

He apologised for describing her views as her 'injected with poison' and for calling her 'a total liability' as he plotted with the other caller, who it is suggested would be in line replace her.

Opposition LibDems called for an investigation into the identity of the other caller who hoped to benefit, apparently claiming that this shows Conservatives to be wasting public money serving personal ambition - not the public interest.

Meanwhile suspicion has spread further through the tory ranks as Eton Wick's Cllr Stephen Smith contacted national party leader David Cameron to urge him to take action against the plotters and reunite the feuding factions.

The developments deal an extra blow to the party, coming only recently after it was discovered controversial backer Lord Ashcroft had been registered as an 'overseas elector' in Maidenhead while refusing to declare his 'non-dom' tax status - which means Conservative agents in the area covered up the fact that he was avoiding more than £100m in taxes leaders were convinced he promised would be paid to the Treasury.

Oranjepan says:
Maidenhead has long been known as a tory stonghold - this news only adds weight to the argument that safe seats breed complacency and corruption.

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