Tuesday, 30 March 2010

On Politicians And Elections

Media types love to chatter about how new mass media forms will affect public decision making, so they may be interested in how the upcoming general election is seeping out into the non-political blogoshere as members of the wider public start to consider which way to cast their ballots.

Evangelical Christian Richard Walker has an informative video in which faithful MPs from all sides discuss the way ethics shapes all form of belief and how they understand the relationship between religion and politics.

He also links to a religiously-themed quiz which may indicate who your ideal cabinet would include - though be warned if you don't like partisanship, through this he apparently has his own 'essentially conservative biases' revealed to him.

Meanwhile independent-minded Emily O at Babyrambles is conscious that politicians are trying to woo the mumsnet generation and holds off committing to any one side to demand pledges to a selection of 'family friendly' policies relating to the economy, taxation, education and health.

Emily says she feels privileged to have the vote, but wishes politicians could be more honest and upfront with their plans so she can make a better-informed decision

She also adds a well-balanced conclusion:
"I'm interested in the fundamental stuff that will help my family be happy and secure. The same as everyone else really. The fact I'm a mum is almost irrelevant."
Meanwhile Joanna at eco-congregation Greening St John's tells members of their congregation to "ask the climate question" at hustings in the marginal East Reading constituency.


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