Monday, 11 January 2010

Pegasus Rising

The deadline for members of the public to have our say on the latest plans (dubbed 'Project Pegasus') at AWE Aldermaston closes on January 15th and anti-nuclear activists have been spreading the word

According to AWE’s Infrastructure Director, Andrew Jupp, "Project Pegasus will provide suitable workspace in a secure environment to support continued operations when existing facilities reach the end of their operational lives." [1]

The planning application for the 18,500 square metre development was lodged on 30th November with submissions to be made by 23rd December, but campaigners concerned that the significance of the plans to the generational replacement of the UK's Trident weapons system successfully pushed the closing date back. [2, 3]

Cllr Glenn Goodall provides an informed list of details explaining how controversial planning applications are regularly submitted during periods when the public may be otherwise occupied during holdiays.

He notes councils from across Berkshire have lodged official objections on technical issues, specifically regarding safety to the public during transit of materials by public highway and questions relating to security from potential terrorist attacks.

However he is concerned that the local press and media are not keeping the issue in the forefront of public awareness as the Labour and Conservative parties have conspired to prevent the future of our nuclear arsenal from becoming a matter of wider public debate.

Rob White shows his opposition to nuclear weapons by providing contact details for the West Berkshire planning department.

You can have your say by emailing or you can send your comments via the West Berkshire Council website.

While the local authority may only consider individual objections on the grounds of planning, they are also required to take into account the scale of public feeling on the matter.

CND provides a pro forma letter to object on the grounds of radioactive pollution

More information is available from the Reading-based Nuclear Information Service and campaign websites


Update: Nuclear Information Service director Peter Burt added another volley of criticism, stating:
"There is a massive contrast between consultation over the government's plans to build new nuclear power stations and the lack of discussion over developments at AWE Aldermaston."
Green Party campaigner Adrian Windisch encourages members of the public to join him in a 'non-violent blockade' of the site on 15th Febrary. He says "you can sit, lie down, lock-on or simply provide support for those blockading."


More on AWE Aldermaston
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  1. You can follow the campaign against AWE's Project Pegasus on Twitter at There's also a lot of detailed information about the issues on the NIS website, as mentioned above, at


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