Friday, 29 January 2010

Caretaker In Royals Succession

After two excellent cup wins against premiership opponents Brian McDermott has had the 'caretaker' tag removed from his job description as he has been rewarded with a 12-month rolling contract.

Chairman John Madejski praised his ability to organise the team and said the wealth of success achieved coming through the ranks at the club would enable him to pass on his knowledge effectively to players.

Brian McDermott paid tribute to his longstanding relationship with Mr Madejski and said "I am delighted to have been appointed manager of a club that is very dear to my heart" as the team faces a season-defining run.

He added seperately that fans have a big part to play in helping keep the team out of the relegation zone. And team connections have pulled together to give him their backing.

Steve Coppell said it showed the man has personality to win to have survived a ten-year apprenticeship.

Graeme Murty compared him to Coppell, explaining,
"He's a great deal of integrity, he's very honest, he'll tell it as it is. He's a little bit quieter than Steve, if that's possible."
Commenters questioned the 'steady as she goes' appointment given the clubs position, but Mr Madejski tried to give reassurance that the Slough-born McDermott is a perfect fit, answering any doubters himself, "Do we need upheaval? The answer is no."

However some questions have been raised about the state of club finances and the level of pay-off given to sacked Brendan Rodgers.

Ben Rice thinks the appointment comes as a relief because it puts to an end some of the uncertainty at the club. However he says the real problems are on the pitch where an proven goalscorer is needed.

Jonathan at 106pts worries that the time to promote the idea of 'continuity' is not whilst the team languishes in the relegation zone and asks who is really responsible for the annus horibilis of 2009.

The Reading Fan is aware that a low-profile name like McDermott's wasn't the first choice on the terraces, but offers the benefit of the doubt in a balanced post titled the season starts now.

Meanwhile Alistair Coleman worries about a return to the wilderness.

As does Labour councillor John Ennis, who takes time out from bashing opponents for taking their eye of the ball to express his feelings of despondency at lacklustre performances.

Cllr Ennis says the biscuitmen may crumble if they are put under too much pressure, but then gets carried away with himself and identifies the first game at Barnsley as a 'six-pointer'.


Update: Luckily the away game turned in Reading's favour as mass demonstrations by Barnsley supporters against their chairman Simon Davey created a difficult environment for the Tykes and Shane Long's 'combative, fighting streak' proved perfect for Reading to run out 3-1 winners.


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