Monday, 25 January 2010

Local TV Celebrity To 'Conquer' US

Warfield's Jeremy Kyle is taking his controversial TV show to America.

He gains consistent ratings of 1.5-1.8m viewers on the daytime schedule since launching his Jerry Spinger-styled personal advice show in 2005 and has achieved the feat of remaining fresh and enthusiastic after more than 1,000 shows.

He said "This show isn't about me; it is about their issues and problems and how we can face them together - with complete honesty and openness," adding that "I am particularly looking forward to meeting ordinary American people and hearing about their extraordinary lives."

The Jeremy Kyle Show gained notoriety when it was described by a district judge as "a human form of bear-baiting which goes under the guise of entertainment" during a court case in 2007, brought for assault against a man who headbutted his girlfriend on-air. The man was subsequently convicted and fined £300 plus costs.

Another man was jailed in summer of 2009 after admitting grevious bodily harm committed against his girlfirend during recording for the show. In a lengthy and detailed article Richard Price grabs the sensationalist headline 'Jeremy Kyle Nearly Killed Me'

Co-president of production company Debmar-Mercury, Mort Marcus, said "We believe there’s a market for it if he can hit the right tone for this country." He explained that he was confident America would "wholeheartedly embrace" Mr Kyle because he brings "a unique sensibility to a proven format".

But media analysts point to declining daytime audience on CBS as the reason why executives have decided to lay out a big contract to lure an experienced performer in an established format stateside, although ITV executives think the process is being driven by greater media integration resulting from globalisation which naturally leads to greater competition for talent.

Meanwhile, On The Box commentator Sean Marland doesn't hide his contempt for the presenter. He thinks it is a shame Jeremy Kyle no plans to leave Berkshire for the US, and says it might be interesting to subject his PR statements to his own lie detector tests!

Elsewhere Jeremy Kyle appears to be exactly the type of man capable of splitting opinion down the middle.

In a online poll asking 'Is Jeremy Kyle a legend?' 52.6% responded 'no, he's just a moron', while the rest were impressed by his ability to entertain.


Update: the Gyppo Byard at Last Django In Paris is unhealthily addicted to Jeremy Kyle - he says it is "the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures."


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