Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More Weather On The Agenda

Below-freezing temperatures tend to lead to ice and snow, so with a new weather front taking aim at the area residents are bracing themselves for a second wave of harsh conditions.

According to local radio station 107fm the snow is expected to hit at 6pm, with 15-30cm forecast and as much as 40cm over higher ground.

Reading Roars is on the alert (John McGarvey is apparently up for a mass snowball fight), while Reading Forum gossips on the sharp drop in temperatures which hit -8C last night.

Redlands LibDems reliably copy out the weather warnings from the Met Office and Highways Agency.

Meanwhile Conservatives prove the election campaign is all but underway as Cllr Richard Willis reliably takes aim at his opponents. Cllr Willis tries to argue the chaotic scenes would have been averted had he and his colleagues overseen the unforeseeable confluence of events.

Elsewhere preparations are underway in Slough, although worryingly the council reports the Salt Union may soon start rationing supplies.

And just over the county lines in Wiltshire school closures are already being announced as crisis centres are already being set up across the North Downs in Hampshire.

On another note the Bag Lady takes in the poetry of the moment, though Wendy may have broken into song a moment too soon...

Jane Brocket is happy to be stuck inside where her hyacinths are always coming up trumps to brighten the mood.


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