Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tilehurst Terrorist 'Oddball' Jailed

Neil Lewington was sentenced today after being found guilty of 'having explosives with intent to endanger life' and 'preparing for acts of terrorism'. He will serve a minimum of six years before he is eligible for parole, although Judge Peter Thornton QC increased this to an 'indeterminate' jail-term, conditional on further public safety assessments, on the grounds of public protection saying,
"you are a dangerous man, somebody who exhibits emotional coldness and detachment... You would not have been troubled by the prospect of endangering somebody's life or damaging their property. In my judgement there is a significant risk to the public of serious harm."
His own defence barister, David Etherington QC described him as a "silly, immature, alcoholic, dysfunctional, twit, fantasising to make up for a rather sad life".

Lewington was arrested when he was found drunk and urinating in public on Lowestoft Station in Suffolk.

Prosecutors noted how he had an interest in other bombers with similar motivations, such as Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh and Farnborough nail-bomber David Copeland, while items found at his home at Church End Land included a Waffen SS handbook and Neo-nazi propaganda.

Neighbours described him as a 'lone lunatic' who came from a 'lovely family', expressing shock and surprise when a full anti-terror squad descended.

Meanwhile local commentators have condemned the man.

Cllr Richard Willis distances himself from the white-supremecist, saying that "despite not actually carrying out any attacks, his intent was clear... Reading is a better place for his removal." Only Reading, Councillor?

Woz Writes in a somewhat more outspoken and succinct manner.

Background round-up: The Tilehurst Terrorist

Other sources: Reading Chronicle, Reading Post, Newbury Weekly News, Reading 107FM, Lancaster Unity. Google aggregates more.

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  1. Scary! Our own terrorist.

    Trying to get my head around this new posting app you've put up, so will be brief.


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