Wednesday, 9 September 2009

10:10 - Countdown To Copenhagen

10:10 is a simple campaign which strives to help the environment and reduce the impact of climate change by cutting carbon emissions 10% by 2010.

Steven Rogers explains how the campaign is an effective way to encourage members of the public to take practical measures without having a drastic impact on the quality our lives.

He gives a couple of simple suggestions how ordinary people can make a difference without changing our lifestyles.

And it has attracted wide support from many sections of the political spectrum.

Reading's two Labour parliamentary candidates have latched on to the campaign as a way to mobilise their election bids. They gave their backing to cabinet minister Ed Miliband MP in support of a global climate deal that is 'ambitious, effective and fair' at December’s Copenhagen summit.

RBC executive member for the Environment, Labour's Cllr Paul Gittings said he would be urging his party to adopt it as a strategy under his watch.

Meanwhile Thatcham LibDem Cllr Lee Dillon demonstrated his green credentials by publicly backing the campaign too.

He explains that while it is being hyped as a 'bold' target it is highly achievable and in line with what scientists say we need to do over the next 18 months.

Cllr Dillon quotes from the campaign mission statement,
"It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a huge problem like climate change, but by uniting everyone behind immediate, effective and achievable action, 10:10 enables all of us to make a meaningful difference."
Before adding his own words, "I believe that this campaign makes perfect sense. It will save me money, it will make me healthier and it will help save the planet."

To find out more visit the 10:10 website.

On the other hand it seems Conservatives are promising to impose cuts of 10% for purely economic reasons.


Update: Adrian Windisch is full of praise for Labour and LibDems support of the initiative.

Cllr Glenn Goodall reports that Reading Borough Council has commited itself to the campaign.

Howard Thomas watches the continued build-up as Gordon Brown says we have "50 days to save the world."
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  1. I'm glad some of the other parties are at least starting to do this, its what we have been urging for years. Of course Labour have ensured emissions will increase by expanding Heathrow and Motorways, the money should have gone on buses and trains.


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