Friday, 18 September 2009

Labour Names 10 Candidates

Reading's Labour group has taken the opportunity of the lull in the party conference season to announce ten of 16 candidates who will be standing in council elections next spring.

The biggest news is the return of Malcolm Powers to the local scene after a considerable absence, while a new political dynasty appears on the horizon as Chris Maskell's daughter will be slipped into place as independent councillor Tony Jones stands down (although he has yet to confirm his parliamentary bid).

In swing-seat Katesgrove 20-year-veteran councillor Richard Stanthorp is heading for the hills, allowing newcomer Matt Rodda the chance to gain experience.

The Green Party's Rob White notes that he will be facing a heavyweight in Labour's failed candidate in the Henley by-election and former Kentwood councillor Richard MacKenzie (who wrote the short-lived 'Don't Run The Lollipop Man Over').

Sitting Park ward councillor Shirley Merriot is 'reluctantly' standing down because of 'career pressures', and apprently not because of some of the reasons former Labour MP for Reading East Jane Griffiths describes.

And in Whitley, party employee Jane Eden announces on her blog she will be replacing Mary Singleton-White.


Update: Reading Chronicle also reports the announcement.

Oranjepan asks:
It begs the question, are Labour now so unpopular that they can only depend on family members, party employees and stalwarts in a town they have held control of for over two decades? And why are they only capable of announcing two-thirds of their slate at this time?
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  1. "Reading's Labour group" No, too many of them confuse the two but they are candidates of Reading Labour Party. Only successful elected Labour Candidates, Labour Councillors, are part of the Labour Group on Reading Borough Council.

    Jane Eden is the Reading Labour Party 'Womens Officer' which is an elected office in the party rather than being a paid job.

  2. Thanks, Guest. I enjoy a bit of pedantry myself on occasion.

    Just for clarification I tend to use 'Council Group' when referring to the councillors of a party and I understand Malcolm Powers has been an employee of the party at various points.


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