Thursday, 3 September 2009

Reading Festival 2009: Aftermath

Clearing up after the showpiece event often uncovers a range of odd, bizarre and unpleasant stories, as everyone tries to judge the overall impact in economic, cultural and social terms (Reading Chronicle cites estimates that the festival is worth £6m-10m to the local economy).

Thanks to Reading Guide for helpfully providing a photo album of the scene from the morning after.

Festival organiser Melvin Benn promotes the idea that this was the best festival ever!

He says that criticisms of the sound system from some bands (watch Caleb Followill here) was incomprehensible and RBC spokesperson Sarah Bishton confirmed that the entertainment license had been amended to allow the last two act to increase the volume by three decibels.

According to Mr Benn the flag ban had actually enhanced the fan experienced - as proved by the fact that new ticketing restrictions has not resulted in reduced numbers of tickets sold.

Despite sensational stories of arson attacks against festival property, rampaging mobs intent on destruction and a teen admitted to a specialist burns unit at the Rivermead site, Mr Benn argued that "it was my impression that the campsite was quieter this year than last year."

Police generally concurred with the assessment that incidents of public disorder were no worse than previous years.

Meanwhile - for the first time - Trading Standards undertook a joint operation to see that traders operating under the Temporary Events Notice as well as local shops complied with the law.

Four premises (out of 20) failed tests when officers visited over the course of the week, and in each case the vendor was given an £80 fixed-penalty notice for selling alcohol to underage customers.

Inspector Keith Tracy was positive: "praise should go to the majority of operators who passed."

Oranjepan asks:
Was it worth it for you?


Update: Reading West MP Martin Salter has followed up by pouring fuel on the fires himself, disregarding the statistics collected by the Police and arguing that the "controversy and alarm" surrounding the events alone justifies an ID card system to identify, prosecute and ban offenders.

More Reading Festival coverage.
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