Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Town Hall Rich List

According to the Town Hall Rich List 2009, published by the TaxPayers' Alliance, over 1,022 local government workers earn more than £100,000, while more than 115 earn over £150,000 and 16 earn more than the Prime Minister.

Although Reading did not respond to the enquiries made under Freedom of Information legislation (see page 90 of the report) the salary scale of RBC Chief Executive when advertised in April 2008 was £136,500-£154,101 [1].

Kintbury Conservative Councillor Anthony Stansfeld argues that it is important to pay the "going rate" to ensure the right people are in position overseeing such large levels of public expenditure.

Adrian Hollister responds by stating that these staff are all overpaid and could easily find new jobs "at the drop of a hat".

The news of so many high earners being paid out of the public purse will only add further weight to calls to cut out public sector waste.

Meanwhile councils responded to the growing pressure on public sector spending as Local Government employers made a formal 0.5% offer to staff as their annual pay settlement at the same time as the top-earners received above average rises.

LGA spokesman John Ransford explained the hands-off approach of the organisation by saying that "people can show whether they think this is wrong by voting at the ballot box."


Update: Wokingham Times follows up on this post. They quote Wokingham Council Leader, Cllr David Lee (Conservative), who fails to explain the role elected politicians have in scrutinising pay policy.

They also report that the job of Deputy Chief Executive is likely to be 'disestablished'.


The Local Town Hall Rich List:

Bracknell Forest - 5 staff earning £100,000+ in 2007/8
(Chief Executive £155,179; Director of Education, Children's Services £120,745; Director of Evironment & Leisure £108,646; Director of Corporate Service £107,742; Director of Social Services & Housing £107,186)

Reading - no reponse

Slough - 7 staff earning £100,000+, refused to give exact details
(Chief Executive; Director of Community & Cultural Services; Director of Education & Children's Services; Strategic Director Resources; Strategic Director Education & Children's Services; Strategic Director Green & Built Environment; Strategic Director Community & Wellbeing)

West Berks - 3 staff earning £100,000+
(Chief Executive £132,431; Corporate Director Environment £101,494; Corporate Director Children & Young People £101,494)

Windsor & Maidenhead - 4 staff earning £100,000+
(Chief Executive £148,301; Director of Learning & Care £133,235; Corporate Director of Community Services £131,824; Head of Business Development £100,047)

Wokingham - 6 staff earning £100,000+
(Chief Executive £134,666 in 2006/7; Deputy Chief Executive £127,380; Assistant Chief Executive £114,673; General Manager Children's Services £111,392; Corporate Head of Knowledge Development £109,890; General Manager Business Services £105,828; General Manager Community Care Services £100,929)


  1. Does this exclude people working in senior positions in education? I would expect a Head of a large Secondary School to earn (and be worth) over £100,000.

  2. In the notes of the report (p4) it says these figures include only council officers, not teachers or firemen.

    I make the assumption that information is only readily available for staff directly employed by the council.

    It should be noted that all three major parties have committed to increasing transparency to ensure standards of disclosure meet those required by other public bodies and in the private sector.

  3. As ever the story is in today's Evening Post - with the RBC details of all those earning more than £100k

  4. Thanks for following up Hilary, glad to be of service.

    How did you get such a quick response from RBC when they previously refused the FoI request?


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