Thursday, 23 April 2009

Patronizing Patronage

Local bloggers have marked St George's day.

In a rare show of unity everyone wants to take advantage of the excuse for a big knees-up.

Jane Griffiths says it should be a public holiday.

Cllr Glenn Goodall calls for an international celebration to rival the Scots' Burns Night and Irish's St Patrick's day which could become an inclusive celebration for the global diaspora of English people.

Cllr Richard Willis supports a similar patriotic move on condition that we abolish the older spring holiday of May Day (which obviously has everything to do with economics and nothing to do with the fact that 1st May has become synonymous with recognizing the achievements of his political opponents in the labour movement).

Meanwhile, American expat Elizabeth Thomas is cautiously favorable but wonders what the festivities might involve other than cupcakes with red-cross icing (hasn't she seen any beer-fueled morris men bumbling about?), whereas Cornishman Paul Walter saw the enthusiasm of John McCririck and was almost put off.


Update: Scouts paraded across Christchurch Meadows on Sunday.

Oranjepan says:
With fewer days of leisure than our European neighbours it's no wonder we want to make the most of any opportunity we can find to escape the grind.

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