Friday, 3 April 2009

Nagging For Now!

Moves are clearly afoot to tie local Neighbourhood Action Groups into the political scenery as suggestions continue to be made that various local political candidates are breaking the constitution of these community liaison organisations in an attempt to use them as a political platform to help get elected.

Katesgrove councillor, Warren Swaine complains that he was forced to watch a meeting of the Redlands NAG as an observer. He casts doubt on the reasons given (changed boundaries) by providing a link to the website which officially records decisions.

Janestheone explains that these tactics were used by Labour in the past and is now being used by Labour again as they wish to promote their favoured candidates.

She describes this as the corruption of their original purpose by party politics and reminds readers that earlier efforts proved counterproductive.

Meanwhile Green Party candidate Rob White advertises that he is now the Vice-Chairperson of the Newtown NAG.

All this action follows on from successful efforts made by local LibDems to gain a communications budget for these neighbourhood bodies which is designed to ensure residents are better able to engage with local police teams.

In completely unrelated news West Reading's Nag's Head recently won the CAMRA prize for the best pub in the Reading and Mid-Berkshire area.

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