Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Interpreting The Budget

The different sides have started spinning furiously to try show today's much hyped, trailed and anticipated event will be perceived according to the colour of the light they shine on it.

Labour's Martin Salter MP describes it as the "most difficult budget any British Chancellor has had to deliver since World War II," while welcoming the 'real help' it offered which will have an immediate positive impact.

Conservative John Redwood MP is less than enthused, pointing out that any good measures are just crumbs from the table, and says "they have learnt nothing... It was budget of posturing."

Sky News' Boulton & Co blog writer Nial Paterson sums up the announcements. He remarks that careful positioning attempted to hide the Chancellor's bald spot and draws attention to what is in his blind spot - record government borrowing of £175 billion for this year alone.

Reading Chronicle also provides a balanced round-up of persectives, while Phill Tomlinson expresses the balance as he roundly (and lengthily) condemns it.

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