Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Recommended Reading List #48

Libraries are one of my favorite places, so I enjoyed reading this paean to their wonders by Gio at Let's Push The Red Button Anyway.

He eulogises about the 'amazing' collections of books made available to the public in their physical form and online through e-libraries, saying "occasionally, I am amazed by the things that the government can afford to provide in the UK."

The 'massive' variety of genres available include everything from 'august classics like Moby Dick or Wuthering Heights' to 'scorned sci-fi and fantasy'. He is particularly impressed by the efforts to categorize stocks in online databases which enables you to reserve books and recieve notifications of their availability via email.

Giovanni adds that he reads far more (with the effect that it benefits his language ability), but is slightly embarrassed that his favorite authors may see their earning potential decline as he now buys fewer books.

Elsewhere the New Directions learning and education service which relocated to Reading Central Library earlier this year advertises a new selection of language and computer courses on offer - a free guide to courses can be obtained by calling 0345 845 0012.


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