Thursday, 25 February 2010

An Overview Of Democracy In Action

Reading Chronicle wades into the political arena by publishing a leader article commenting on the budget debate.

They say the different political attitudes are getting in the way of helping the region out of the recession, describing politicians who
"squabble and snipe like argumentative children, rather than climb down from their pet hobby horses and talk to each other like grown-ups for the good of the people they purport to represent."

Oranjepan says:
Clearly the editorial staff at the Chronicle don't watch PMQs!

While some may take a dislike to the personal styles of disagreement and think these means of expression are not the most productive, let nobody be fooled that there are serious issues at stake to be fought over and that these disagreements are not easily overcome.

So the estimable publication should themselves be warned that it is even more detrimental to the general well-being to sit on the sidelines bemoaning the actions of others without making any direct contributions to the debate, as this only adds to the apathy and disillusion that holds us all back.

Better a reliable result than a quick fix.


More on Reading's Budget 2010/11

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