Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Odes To London Street

Sometimes our town seems a bit anonymous, but underneath the tame exterior an unrelenting cultural heart throbs.

Bag Lady eulogises about the haven for thirty-somethings that is the (legendary) After Dark club. She notes how the much-loved cultural hub could easily be missed as it is "tucked away down a short alleyway, the front door hidden from view".

She notes how the "feeling is definitely different" to other places and picks out the camaraderie and the general unpretentious nature of the atmosphere which she finds completely uplifting. Nostalgia - it's the feeling of being in a place where you belong!

Mr London Street responds with another of his exquisite 100-word prose poems about the place he lives (thanks).

Meanwhile Wendy waxes lyrical about the standard of poetry on offer at Reading's poetry cafe which can be found only a few short steps away.


  1. I didn't know there was a poetry cafe in Reading! How enchanting. I don't know what I'd without this blog to keep me up-too-date with Reading.

  2. I meant up-to-date -- haven't had enough coffee this morning to do a decent comment. :)

  3. I find I get immune to too much of the same thing - I couple of weeks ago I had half a glass of red wine to finish the bottle from the night before rather than any caffeine and I was raring to go...

    Even in my student days I never went for whisky in my porridge though - that'd be too much!

    Maybe you might catch me at the poetry cafe one of these days...


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