Friday, 27 January 2012

Thoughts of flying

It must be that time of year again - when the New Year's resolutions have been put on the backburner and people start dreaming of getting away from routine.

Graeme Thiessen recently emigrated from Reading to Adelaide in Australia - he describes the first part of his family's travels (and some travails too) with a selection of fantastic photos to stir the wanderlust. Putting everyone in the mood he says:
"Like explorers of old, when we crested a hill and saw the stunning view of bright blue waters, crashing surf and white-gold sand, it felt like we were discovering this place for the very first time..."
Students tend to travel at the less glamorous end of the market, broadening horizons and gaining experiences. So RUSU's advice list on what to take should be well-heeded - though packing the fake blood might lead to some intriguing possibilities.

Meanwhile, more serious weather watchers point out a change in European law has added the cost of carbon emissions into the price of a flight.

Meteorologist Irvine discusses the introduction of the European Trading Scheme Cap on aviation, explaining the legal controversy which has delayed implementation and arguing in favour of market-based measures to tackle expected increases in Carbon Dioxide emissions, while admitting a more organised response from the International Civil Aviation Authority will mean some adjustment in the scheme is inevitable.

For the rest of us ordinary mortals, we're resigned to staring at the skies and watching the flocks overhead...

Update: Wendy fancies a flight of inspiration!


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