Saturday, 14 January 2012

13th-time Unlucky!

Friday 13th appears and TV repeats of the horror series are resurrected.

In a similar vein local bloggers are on the scene...

Elizabeth Thomas worries that she has enough accidents as it is, and promises not to get out of bed for the whole day.

Reading some of the bedroom door notices gives a sense of the approaching fear and trepidation.

Elsewhere jabblog scares all-comers with the depth of her background knowledge into the oddness.


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  1. OJ, you're back! I am slow to notice as haven't been in blogger for a bit. Great to see you online again. I did stay in bed all day and nothing bad happened until I went to sleep and had horrible nightmares!

  2. Yes, it's good to be able to enjoy some time away from the world in bed... at least you had your nightmares when you were asleep - much safer that way!

    What's your worst nightmare?

    Mine is when I realise I'm dreaming and then I convince myself that I'm not, and I start worrying about if I then go to sleep whether I'll ever wake up!


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