Monday, 5 April 2010

No Longer A 'B' Town

In another sign of the transition from industrial production to a service economy the long-awaited news that Reading's brewery would close came to fruition this weekend.

In a leader comment Reading Chronicle notes how this is part of the changing landscape, and that this will deal a blow to the long-held identity of the town which was based on the '3 B's' of 'Beer, Biscuits and Bulbs'.

Here the last crates of beer were loaded onto the lorries and sent out for sale

Thatcham's Paul Walter used to work at the Worton Grange site when it was owned by Courage and mourns the closure of the site. He says it is a 'shame' and a crime that the massive industrial buildings were only used for 30 years.

But fellow LibDem Cllr Warren Swaine is less nostalgic, despite the fact he admits he is no fan of crinking the real ale micro-breweries that are spreading produce.


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