Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Election Called For May 6th

Local political bloggers have responded to the long-expected the announcement that the general election will be held at the last possible moment on May 6th.

Labour candidate Rachel Eden says it is good news for everyone that the general election will be held on the same day as the local elections - with the possible exception of the returning officer and counters - as she says this will guarantee a higher turnout.

Conservative Cllr Richard Willis also thinks it is good news. After 2 years of prevarication and 13 years of bad government he says the public will 'at last' have an opportunity to make a 'real choice'. He predicts his party will gain an overall majority.

LibDem Paul Walter is less emotionally attached to the outcome than in previous elections, but is nevertheless looking forward to the next few weeks as an opportunity to increase the number of votes and seats his party gains. He expresses 'positive excitement' and expects it to be fun all the way.

The Green Party's Rob White makes the perfunctory press release stating his party position.

Meanwhile Bracknell Blog's Dazmando may be a LibDem but is happy to promote Independent candidate Mark Ashwell as his way of providing a service in a way which he feels may make a difference.

Elsewhere Wokingham's communications guru Neville Hobson gets ready for "four weeks’ of intense message-pushing, stunts, posters, door-knocking, leaflets, TV debates, party election broadcasts, and more," asking whether digital and social media will be used by the political classes to truly enagage the public in a two-way communication process.

He looks back on the last election when he was optimistic that technology would herald a brave new world of politics, noting this was 'the wishful thinking of an early adapter', but remains convinced that the impact of websites, blogging, twitter and the rest will play a greater role in enabling the public to find out more about our candidates.

Neville says:
"this general election will be marked out by how ordinary people use social media to propel discussion, critique election campaigns, challenge politicians, put forward alternative points of view, and generally voice their opinions using informal tools and channels to connect and engage directly with others and influence opinion."
Communication is obviously the power of the age!


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