Monday, 27 July 2009


A selection of news outlets (Windsor Observer, BBC, Reuters) have reported that HM Queen Elizabeth has visited the annual swan-upping ceremony on the Thames for the first time in the course of her reign.

The historic event dates from the 12th Century when the monarch (who is the default owner of all unmarked swans on open water) would have all swans counted and weighed to enable sufficient numbers were available for feasting.

Today, however, it is practiced for more conservational purposes.

In an apparently unrelated event Crowthorne Amateur Dramatic Society will be presenting a series of performances entitled 'Her Majesties Revels' in Crowthorne from 30th July - 9th August.

To find out more visit the Crowthorne Amateur Theatrical Society website.

In the meantime Prince Harry was a well-entertained visitor at the British Moto GP at Donington Park last weekend, but it is not known if any members of the royal family are expected to be in the audience at the local Parish Hall.


  1. I just wanted to say, that's a great blog-post title!

  2. Ha, thanks - amazing what you can come up with when youre rushing one out!

    I actually thought of you when I spotted Crowthorne am-dram, but I guess Sandhurst has a different group.

  3. I tried to get in touch with CATS a few years ago when I was trying to get back into am-dram by e-mail but never got a response from them.

    The group I am involved with now is "Guildburys" based in Guildford.

  4. I learn so many things from this blog. I never knew about swan uppmanship!

  5. You could get a job writing for the News of the World with puns like that, nice one!


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