Thursday, 30 July 2009

Recommended Reading List #32

Anna Roberts is quickly turning into one of our favorite local writers with a second entry into our recommendations (here's the first). It might not be pretty reading, but she regularly digs into the dirt to uncover some golden nuggets of insight.

Apparently the kerb-crawling clientele of west Reading's prostitute community includes the very 'police officers, businessmen and solicitors' who complain about the effects of the street trade and whose job it is to mop up afterwards.

With 'almost every prostitute' having a dysfunctional background and trapped in a society where individuals are unable to reconcile their public and private lives it is no wonder that the all-round suffering continues. So maybe the question she really poses is who exactly has sold their souls?


  1. Police officers, businessmen and solicitors paying for sex? Pillars of society like that? I am shocked, shocked I tell you! I blame Tony Blair!

  2. I'm not sure what you're saying, Jane.

    Are you fatalistic about street prostitution and that local people should put up with the problems on their doorsteps, or do you think there is an element of corruption and indiscipline in authority which perpetuates the problems which could otherwise be dealt with quite simply?

    If it's the latter how do you propose to resolve it other than through the ballot box?


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