Monday, 14 February 2011

Reading Romantics

St Valentine's Day is a day when everyone's encouraged to show their intimate and vulnerable side.

CoR thinks it's a challenge for a Monday, but has a few suggestions for the best way to feel that special feeling - strangely they mostly involve alcohol.

Amateur designer and stay-at-home-mum Anna from Cookham prefers to use a bit of creativity to express herself, offering a template for you too.

Christina Jones knows pure passion is 'The Way To A Woman's Heart'!

Marriage proposals are common today and wedding-planning is in the air (and on the airwaves) almost as much as love. Well, there's always a buck to be made from the freshest of novelties!

But after seven years the BagLady sums up marital bliss in the significance of a shared spontaneous recipe for stew, just the way it should be made - this could be a euphemism, but we're not quite sure...

For others romance turns to reminiscence.

Wendy get's all hot and bothered over an American Gigolo - she particularly liked the gender role reversal!

Child of the 80's recalls cartoon strip 'Love is...' (if you're of a younger generation, it's not anything kinky, though the nudity aspect was controversial at the time).

The Virtual Victorian is of a completely different vintage altogether. Yet even back in the 1850's malicious humour intermingled with the tortured misery of virtue when kisses could be saved or stolen!

So, typically, the blokish Scaryduck builds up a sweat about pre-packaged fish-finger sandwiches for breakfast!

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