Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Berkshire Voter Power

Not all votes are equal, as the power of your vote varies across the country, constituency by constituency.

Datablog examines the relative power of an individual vote in each seat and calculates where turnout could have a stronger effect in Thursday's elections.

Average voter power across the country is 0.255, which means the electorate has slightly more than a 1-in-4 chance of changing their Member of Parliament in each seat.

However only 3 of Berkshire's 8 seats have a higher than average rating, while the others have a very safe score.

Here is the chart:

Seat (alphabetically): Voter power; Compared to Average; Probability of a change of MP
BRACKNELL: 0.088 - 0.35 - 4.67%
MAIDENHEAD: 0.182 - 0.72 - 9.29%
NEWBURY: 0.462 - 1.83 - 24.99%
READING EAST: 0.771 - 3.05 - 41.57%
READING WEST: 0.276 - 1.09 - 14.49%
SLOUGH: 0.108 - 0.43 - 5.85%
WINDSOR: 0.092 - 0.36 - 4.49%
WOKINGHAM: 0.186 - 0.74 - 9.44%

In other words each and every vote cast in Reading East is worth nearly 10-times those in Bracknell or Windsor and almost 3-times of those across town in Reading West.

Oranjepan asks:
Will people respond to the level of competition to win each seat and push turnout higher where our votes matter more?


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