Monday, 12 July 2010

Top Of The Berkshire Blogs - June 2010

It's back! Check out the risers and the fallers with Reading List's exclusive monthly chart of the top blogs in the area!

Of course no ranking system will ever be definitive so if you want to get listed don't forget to tell us about your blog in the comments section - the more the merrier!

Here's a rundown of the Top10 for June 2010 (compiled using the Wikio directory):

1 (=) - Mark Reckons
2 (=) - John Redwood's Diary
3 (=) - Boulton & Co
4 (+1) - Liberal Burblings
5 (-1) - left outside
6 (=) - Bracknell Blog
7 (=) - Another Green World
8 (=) - The Salted Slug
9 (+1) - The Cartoon Church
10 (+1) - Richard Willis's Blog

Check out the full chart for June 2010.

You can compare it with last month's top10.


The big news on the chart of Berkshire's top blogs was the first new entry in the top ten of the year. Reading List's continuing hiatus saw a decline of 2 places and was replaced by Richard Willis's blog.

Further down, the month was marked by an unusual number of significant climbers, proving once again the benefits of networking.

Communicators took advantage as industry professional Nigel Morgan successfully promoted his company blog Creating Reputations With Morgan PR (up 1,037 points to 49th), aided by his employee and social media specialist Katharine Robinson's The Sourceress (up 1,845 to 61st). They were joined by fellow technopiles and members of Reading's 'Geek' circle The Open Bracket (55th, up 16,216) and James' Two Cents (62nd, up 16,149).

Elsewhere Thatcham-based amateur blogger, Tim Liew, has taken advantage of similar techniques and tools together with consistently high-quality and broad-ranged content for his The Armchair Sports Fan to rise 1,742pts and become the 43rd top blog in the county. Will success take it's toll, or can he continue to climb?

Further afield author Christina Jones used the launch of her new book to help push Bucolic Frolics nearly 4,000 points and 36 places higher to 50th, while Sheabutter Cottage's gained over 1,600pts and 10 places by linking different social media platforms to promote her range of ethical and natural products to a wider audience.

Politics and current events continues to leave an indelible mark on the chart as Cllr Ricky Duveen (up 1,176pts to 26th), candidate Alex Kirke (up 17,315pts to 48th) and political commentary blog NYOOTW (up 1,776pt to 28th) saw gains relating to increased relevance and the proximity to power.

But shaking up the chart by rocketing an astonishing 19,171pts and 131 places is Windsor-based Chas Newkey-Burden's Oy Va Goy, which has successfully created a community of readers around his pro-Israeli news analysis to take the award for biggest rise in June.


Kudos to all the local writers out there for making this one of the most vibrant local blogospheres in the country - keep it up and watch out for the risers and fallers in next month's list!


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