Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Singers Shine Light On 'Sewer Abuse'

Thames Water public relations have issued an online release of a 'reworked version of the centuries-old Christmas carol God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' as part of their 'Bin It, Don't Block It' campaign.

They've really entered the information age having been featured on ITV's Grimefighters and with a facebook page to advertise waste related issues.

The industry has even designated 19th November as World Toilet Day.

The team of flushers are making a seasonal plea to raise public awareness of the problems cause by blockages cause by the public putting unsuitable waste into the drainage system.

This can include anything from seemingly harmless turkey grease to sanitary items such as nappies or wet wipes to condoms or other miscellaneous items which can cause back-ups into internal plumbing - all the worse during freezing weather then pipes routinely burst.

Reading has a reputation as a blockage hotspot resulting from aging infrastructure, so Reading East MP Rob Wilson was clearly speaking from personally experience when he commented on the launch of the campaign to say that "sewage flooding into people's homes and gardens is extremely unpleasant and should be unacceptable."

According to a survey conducted by the company 41% of people admitted flushing unsuitable material.

The company estimates it is forced to deal with as many as 60,000 avoidable solid blockages every year, which in the cause of some icky situations as well as higher bills for consumers.

Thames Water advises you to 'love your loo' and be aware that only biodegradable products are suitable for the system.

While the company is working for improvements in labelling on consumer products they warn that 'flushable' does not mean a product is intended to be flushed.


More about Thames Water

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