Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Top Of The Berkshire Blogs - April 2010

It's back! It's more competitive than ever! Check out the risers and the fallers with Reading List's exclusive chart of the top blogs in the area!

Of course no ranking system will ever be definitive so don't forget to tell us about your blog in the comments section if you think we may have missed it - then it too can be added to the Wikio directory - the more the merrier!

Here's a rundown of the Top10 for April2010 (compare with last month's top10):

1 (=) - Mark Reckons
2 (=) - John Redwood's Diary
3 (=) - Boulton & Co
4 (=) - left outside
5 (+1) - Bracknell Blog
6 (+2) - Liberal Burblings
7 (-2) - The Salted Slug
8 (+2) - Another Green World
9 (-2) - The Cartoon Church
10 (-1) - Reading List

Check out the full chart for April 2010.


April was a month dominated by General Election coverage, so shouldn't be a surprise that bigger political bloggers were the main beneficiaries of the blog-a-logue - only two of the top ten saw general declines during the month.

Meanwhile a heated contest is growing in intensity just outside the top ten between a variety of bloggers offering different partisan and non-partisan perspectives, while overall the chart continues to shakeout the less consistent blogs from those with a clearer identity.

The fastest riser for the month was Joanna Szuryn's Notes.. Her whimsical study in banality gained a remarkable 16,589 spots to rise by 96 places in the local blogosphere to reach #66.

Nearly as impressive was the 65-place improvement by Newtown's eco-congregation, Greening St John's climbed 5,213 spots in the national rankings to sit at 33rd locally.

And finally an honorable mention must also go to literary buff @Cidix as the only other Berkshire blog to gain more than 1,000 places nationally. Her Open to Persuasion site gained 11 places to finish the month at 87th.

Kudos to all the local writers out there for making this one of the most vibrant local blogospheres in the country - keep it up and watch out for the risers and fallers in next month's list!


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  1. Your blog just gets better and better! Thanks for all the info. Why didn't you knock at my door during the election? I'll never meet you now it seems like.

  2. Thanks E, unfortunately it's also been a little more irregular too. I need to get back into the swing of things I think...


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