Thursday, 7 January 2010

Round-up: Snow - The Sequel

The dramatic December treat of a White Christmas proved to prime and prepare the local community for more recent flurries, and local bloggers have responded voluminously!

While the chaotic scenes back then caused a massive variety of angry, confused and downright annoyed reactions it seems the current blast of wintery weather is provoking a clearer set of responses.

The overwhelming sense seems to be one of wonderment at the pristine purity of the blanket of snow which has covered everything.

The personal landscape

Wendy thinks there is some relief in the escape from the usual hectic routine as we enjoy more homely pleasures.

Clive Davis is particularly happy at the opportunity for fun in the snow, while Len likes the mischief-making of it all. Ceramix has been having a play day, and something similar enabled Steve Borthwick to rediscover the joy of childhood.

pip is a caring traditionalist, while Elizabeth Thomas has a more classical sense of style - she also finds amusement in the popularity of local tanning salons on such a day.

More alternatively The Bag Lady is impressed by a punk snowman, but diggestive seems to prefer the handmade aesthetic. The Rock God went for a snow-alien and doesn't seem to be bothered that schools out for winter either!

Masters student Rama says it's spectacular, while Mike McNamara thinks he's in a winter wonderland - he should check out the view from Treetops, but the weather catches Baba Mzungu dreaming of Kenya from beneath a palm tree!

However there also remains underlying worry about the disruption caused.

Pochemyu is stressed out by the unsatisfactory situation of sitting in the USA waiting for airports to open while needing to submit university coursework on Monday.

Woz is more than somewhat frustrated at the difficulty in getting his car out, while Wendy worries that the shops are running out of essential supplies.

Further west in Hungerford, photographer Jonathan Player is a bit annoyed about the weather preventing delivery of his car, but he wouldn't be stopped from getting out and about to capture the scenery on film (though personally I think Ant-Sized Man has the most atmospheric eye of local photo bloggers).

To top it off Geoff the Jazzer (who takes his music very seriously) is annoyed at the cancellation of his gigs, but he does consoles himself with a malt and some CDs - old school!

The political landscape

Meanwhile there's little escape from politics as Alistair McRonald notes the snow is beginning to dominating political discussion.

With a white blanket everywhere it's not surprising, though left outside is unusually left virtually speechless by the beauty of it.

Independent commentators have been having a field day - Cllr Tony Jones swiftly gives the official information hand-out and John McGarvey at Reading Roars provides a handy guide to what's going on and where to find out.

Both John and the Reading's own Common Sense Party spokesperson Howard Thomas were impressed at the sight of snowploughs on the streets of the town (and Howard's not known for giving compliments lightly).

Meanwhile DTT worries that we may be 48 hours from anarchy... that is, if the snow lasts another week.

Tony Hillbourne asks do Reading Borough Council operate a 'duty of don't care?'

Of the larger groups Conservative Richard Willis reprints the by-now standard official advice from the council.

LibDem councillors from Katesgrove and Redlands take almost opposite approaches - Gareth Epps has an assured personal view, while Daisy Benson provides her usual fullsome public information service.

And Labour candidates concentrate on the work required to dig vehicles out of the snow. Rachel Eden is glad that the snow also covers up the weeds in her garden, but Richard MacKenzie is distracted from his usual occupation and finds himself for some reason impressed that his neighbours actually talk to each other (though whether that's to evade clearing the paths he omits to mention).

Of the unrepresented politicos Green activists Adrian Hollister and Adrian Windisch are singing from the same songsheet as they attack opponents for leaving rural sideroads uncleared - they think snowploughs should be brought in...

LPUK member The Salted Slug takes the liberty of a day off from work to get down to the serious business of digging out his cache of left-over stocks of holiday booze.

In the local media BBC Berkshire gives a rundown of school closures across the county, postponed sport events and pictures from the public, while Reading Post looks forward to the prospect of ice as the next challenge facing the administration and Reading Chronicle concentrates on the civic responsibilities of looking in on vulnerable neighbours and weather affected services.

Elsewhere I take my typical tack of looking at the wider context of the situation on my other blog - it's global warming but as only a few imagined it!

Oranjepan says:
If I've missed anything please add the links in the comments - I'm snowed under!


  1. Great wrap up of our snow days! I always come to your blog when I want to read the latest news and opinion.

  2. Thanks E, it's mostly, hopefully, all good clean fun - hope you wrapped up well too!

  3. I fought my way into work at Nokia today in Farnborough but it was touch and go. On my way home, though, I noticed a big difference in the roads the minute I got to Reading -- the roads weren't cleared, cars were sliding, etc. It was a shame.


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