Sunday, 6 December 2009

Top Of The Berkshire Blogs - November 2009

Check out the risers and the fallers with Reading List's exclusive chart of the best blogs in the area!

Of course no ranking system will ever be definitive so don't forget to tell us about any sites you think we may have missed in the comments section and add them to the Wikio directory - the more the merrier!

Here's a rundown of the Top10 for November 2009:

1 - #20 (-6) - Mark Reckons
2 - #54 (-5) - John Redwood's Diary
3 - #63 (-2) - Boulton & Co
4 - #195 (-15) - Bracknell Blog
5 - #207 (-42) The Salted Slug
6 - #310 (-14) -
7 - #418 (+41) - Reading List
8 - #468 (-136) - Richard Willis's Blog
9 - #495 (-74) - LPUK South East
10 - #658 (-146) - naws

Read last month's Top10.


The main trend of the month was for strengthening of the political blog scene.

Reading LibDem Cllr Glenn Goodall, Maidenhead Conservative Right To Common Sense, and East Berkshire Green Party blogs were were all significant climbers, while fiercely independent Chairman Bill also made his thoughts count.

But the local blogosphere has taken on a distinctly less butch appearance with Babyrambles, Baglady and WendyHome all continuing steady progress up the charts.

However the prize for the biggest mover clearly goes to Berkshire Blog Review, which rose almost 20,000 places to sit just under the 4,000 mark - clearly a lot of you are following this list!

Kudos to all the local writers out there for making this one of the most vibrant local blogospheres in the country - keep it up and watch out for next month's list!


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  1. Please give me the name and contact details of the Labour Mps for the Owlsmore and Sandhurst areas Berkshire

  2. Jay, the Bracknell constituency is currently represented by Andrew MacKay MP who is a member of the Conservative party.

    Mr MacKay is standing down at the next election due to pressure resulting from exposure of his abuses of the expenses rules, but the seat hasn't changed hands in several decades and with a large majority would appear unlikely to be a swing seat this time round either.

    For more information you may like to check the Guardian guide,,-1508,00.html

    However If you are looking to put yourself forward as a candidate to succeed the recently died Cllr Simmonds you may like to check the local political links below.


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