Sunday, 8 November 2009

Top Of The Berkshire Blogs - October 2009

Check out the risers and the fallers with Reading List's exclusive chart of the best blogs in the area!

Of course no ranking system will ever be definitive so don't forget to tell us about any sites you think we may have missed in the comments section and add them to the Wikio directory - the more the merrier!

Here's a rundown of the Top10 for October 2009:

1 - #14 (-1) - Mark Reckons
2 - #49 (-28) - John Redwood's Diary
3 - #61 (+8) - Boulton & Co
4 - #162 (+160) The Salted Slug
5 - #180 (+380) - Bracknell Blog
6 - #296 (-12) -
7 - #332 (-57) - Richard Willis's Blog
8 - #421 (-66) - LPUK South East
9 - #459 (+62) - Reading List
10 - #512 (+164) - naws

You can read the full chart for October here.


Congratulations go to naws for continuing a steady climb and breaking into the increasingly competitive Top10, but the main trend of the month was the rise of the Bracknell bloggers.

This reflects the national interest in the Conservative party 'open primary' selection following the resignation of Andrew MacKay in the ongoing expenses scandal - Cllr Alvin Finch's Stuff jumped over 24,000 places to 2,641 (37th on the chart), while Tim Trent's Marketing By Permission gained more than 3,000 spots to move into the top 2,000 (28th) and Dazmando's series of interviews with the candidates helped push his Bracknell Blog up from 9th to 5th.

Mention must also be given to the Bag Lady (for the second month running) and The Mysterious World Of Matt Blackall as the only other blogs to climb over 1,000 places.

Kudos to all the local writers out there for making this one of the most vibrant local blogospheres in the country - keep it up and watch out for next month's list!


Click here for last month's Top10.

Click here for the full archive of earlier charts.

And if you still want to know more check out the guide Why It Matters... Blog Rankings


  1. Wow, i knew my ramblings were getting a lot more attention nowadays and i am having more and more links to my site, but i never expected to jump 3,512 places!! I'm catching you up Oranjepan!

  2. Haha, I'm not competing, just measuring...


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